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Today, residential property owners across Saskatoon are opting for outdoor living features on their properties. They are choosing to get fireplaces and fire pits installed which become the perfect leisure spaces on a property. We at DMS Landscaping Ltd handle a large number of outdoor installation projects and many of our customers want outdoor kitchens installed.

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition to a home; it extends the indoor spaces and gives your home a very spacious and airy look.  You can also use that area to socialize with friends and you may find that you aren’t inclined to head out to restaurant or pub every time you feel like having a drink or dinner, with your friends. When your home itself has such a stunning leisure-zone, why would you feel encouraged to go elsewhere for a spot of relaxation?


We are the local, master designers that can provide you outstanding outdoor kitchen designs. These will be created keeping the architectural elements of your home, in view. There are a number of other things we focus on when we are building exterior kitchens, such as:

  • The size of the available space – While you do want a comfortably-sized kitchen; you don’t want it to dominate your backyard. This is why we measure the space very carefully when we come to survey the property.
  • Styling – This is a very important factor. Some property owners do ask us to design outdoor kitchen for their new builds, but many customers also get these installations added to their property at a later stage. In this case, we have to take care to ensure that the styling, finish and the materials used complement the look of features that are already on your property.
  • Counter spaces – We design unique outdoor kitchens, but know that you want them to be functional too. It’s why we take care to understand exactly how you want to use this space and which appliances you want installed there. The kitchen countertop design will be planned keeping these requirements in view. You can choose from U-shape, L-shape, straight or C-shape outdoor kitchen counters. 
  • Flooring – We provide advice about which pavers would look good in that space.
  • Lighting – Our experts will also plan the outdoor lighting for the installation.
  • Fuel choice – We have to factor in plumbing for the sink as well as for the stove tops, BBQs and grills. You can choose between propane or gas. In case you opt for the latter, we have to run a line from your house to the outdoor kitchen.
  • Type of kitchen – We would also need to know whether you want the structure to be open to the sky or you prefer a semi-enclosed kitchen.

As you can see, there are a large number of aspects to keep in view while designing a patio kitchen. We assure you that no matter what your requirement; we will cater to it, and give your ideas form. For more information, call DMS Landscaping and Hardscapes at (306) 227-7896. If you prefer to send us your queries via email, please use this online form on our site.

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