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When any landscape is being installed, one of the first things we at DMS Landscaping do is check the grading of the land. Ideally, the slope of the land has to lead away from the house structure; but that’s not how it always is and at times, there are slopes on the property too. If you want to install any outdoor features like an outdoor kitchen, a driveway, pathway etc, you may have to excavate some of these slopes to make leveled spaces for the installations.

When this is done, it leaves some portion of the slope exposed and this can lead to soil erosion or mud slides; this can impact the integrity of the outdoor kitchen, decking or driveway etc. If these slopes are too close to the structure of your home, it may impact the structure of your house too. The one way to prevent all these issues from cropping up is to get retaining walls installed at strategic locations on your property.

This is where we come into the picture. We are the experts that provide excellent custom retaining wall solutions to customers across Saskatoon. We have handled a large number of projects and constructed these specially-engineered walls for a lot of customers.


We are extremely knowledgeable about the various aspects of landscape design and ensure that all the features we install are structurally perfect and aesthetically appealing. Retaining walls can be built of a range of materials including:

  • CMU – Concrete Masonry Units are a very popular material used in the construction of retaining walls.  The construction is quick and if you find the concrete to be too dull in appearance, you can opt to have them clad with stone veneer- which adds a very sophisticated look.
  • Concrete blocks – These resilient, modular blocks have an interlocking design and are a very popular material for building retaining walls.
  • Natural stone – We have also built a large number of retaining walls using natural stone. These could be constructed using mortar or could be dry stacked. The materials used and the skills and time required in constructing these walls makes them a more expensive option than ones made using brick or concrete.
  • Brick – Many of our customers opt for walls made of brick; it has a very rustic charm and complements the look of informal and formal settings.


While we focus on maintaining high quality in all our projects, we also ensure that highly skilled and experienced personnel handle the construction. This ensures the installations last for a number of years without any problems. You only have to tell us what your specific requirement is and we will provide solutions that are right in line with your requirements. We maintain very reasonable pricing and this provides you value for money.

Our designers are also very creative and they can provide retaining wall designs that have in-built seating which becomes an excellent choice for installations such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and fire pits.

For any more information about our retaining wall design solutions, call DMS Landscaping at (306) 652-4161. If you prefer to send us your queries via email, please use this online form on our site.

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