Sidewalks are much more than mere concrete strips that line roads and streets. They are elements which are almost an integral part of many landscaping projects. In fact, regardless of what the size of your yard or garden, the one way to get to the different spaces in the landscape, without trampling on lawn areas or flower beds, is to get walkways or sidewalks installed.

When we at DMS Landscaping Ltd are handling any landscaping job, we incorporate sidewalk design in the plans. These installations can be as simplistic or elaborate as you want them to be. We put in a lot of planning in these projects; and the placement of paver pathways is never random. We take into account a number of factors in the planning of this seemingly basic installation, such as:

  • The size of the landscaping
  • Position of various spaces in the landscaping
  • Placement of plantings and trees
  • Other hardscape elements
  • Materials used in the landscaping
  • The type of sidewalk paving material to be used
  • Width of the sidewalk
  • Type of edging or border to be used
  • Other

In most instances, the sidewalks are part of a broader network that includes your driveway, garden steps and other walks, your patio and deck as well as the pool area. This means the design of the paver sidewalk and the material used in its installation has to complement the look of these elements too.

If we are handling the entire landscaping project, we ensure that there is cohesiveness in the design. Many of our customers in Saskatoon also ask for these installations in existing landscape spaces, when they are upgrading the backyard design or want to alter the look of the landscaping. At times such as these, we work extra hard to ensure that the new installation blends in perfectly with the appearance of the existing elements.


Depending on the materials already used in the landscaping, we may use:

  • Brick, natural stone or concrete pavers
  • Large natural paving stones
  • Crushed stone
  • Granite squares
  • Concrete blocks

We understand that when you want sidewalks incorporated into the landscaping, you want the flow and theme of the garden spaces to be retained; and like we stated earlier, we work very hard to achieve that. We understand what your ideas are and then give them form.


The sidewalks we install from the street right to your door, and around your backyard or front lawn, helps keep your lawns and plants from being trampled; and it’s a great way to demarcate spaces without actually having to construct walls (which makes the outdoor areas look very restricted).

For more than three decades, DMS Landscaping Ltd has been providing high grade solutions that have helped create stunning design concepts on the properties of residential property owners across the region.

While we maintain very high quality standards, you will notice that our sidewalk costs are very reasonable. For more information about our brick paver sidewalks, call us at (306) 652-4161. If you prefer to send us your queries via email, please use this online form on our site.

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